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Pregnancy Exercise

Our guide to pregnancy exercise sites around the web.

Pregnancy Nutrition and Pregnancy Exercises by BabyFit
Use the web's only pregnancy exercise and pregnancy nutrition planner.
Pregnancy Exercise
Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy can be easy and enjoyable. It can also help you in labor.
Pregnancy Exercise
Pregnancy Exercise
Pregnancy: Pregnancy Exercise Programs.
The Womans Channel : Pregnancy Exercise Programs for healthy living.
Pregnancy Exercise Exercise During Pregnancy
A regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feeling your best
Post Pregnancy Exercise
A parents resource of information on yoga exercising after being pregnant. Includes free stuff, cord blod banking and week by week calendar, exercise nutition for moms to be.
Pregnancy Exercise Videos
Denise Austin Videos from America's #1 fitness personality features exercise videos for pregnancy, weight loss, body sculpting, toning, fat burning, kickboxing, yoga and Pilates.
Pregnancy Diet and Pregnancy Exercise
Following a regimen of moderate exercise and nutritious diet can be beneficial to the mother and unborn baby. Pregnancy exercise can range from walking and massage to even yoga. Alcohol during pregnancy can result in birth disorders.
Women's Health - Pregnancy Exercise
Women's Health - Pregnancy Exercise
Breathing Exercise and Pregnancy Exercise
Explains the benefits of breathing exercises and exercising during pregnancy.